Music Licensing

If you want to use my existing music in commercial projects, you'll need to buy a license to legally use the song.  Buying the songs through iTunes or other sites isn't quite enough.

I offer exclusive and non-exclusive music licenses.


  • If you want to use an existing, already released piece of my music for a project, you can buy a non-exclusive license.
  • In non-exclusive music licensing, I can license the music an unlimited amount of times to those who want to use the song.


  • One-time sale of a song which cannot be sold to anyone else.
  • You own the exclusive right to use the music.
  • If you need compositions written for specific projects (films, games, commercial projects, etc.), we can get in touch beforehand about an exclusive license agreement.

Buy a License

Send me an email at to buy a license for my music! We will agree on a contract and I will provide a receipt. Let me know the title of the song from my catalogue you would like to use and what kind of project it is for!  I'll send you the music in any format you require, such as .wav, .mp3, etc.

Let's Work Together!

Whether it's music licensing, custom compositions, audio engineering or production you need, let's get in touch!