Danny Sobers Debut Album On The Way!

This past August, I got together with upcoming Canadian acoustic guitar player Danny Sobers to get the gears moving on his first debut album! Dan is quite the magnificent guitar player, whose finger-style playing draws influence from legends like Andy McKee and Tommy Immanuel. For a young guy in the music industry, Dan can really shred on an acoustic guitar – which is part of why I was glad to get on board producing and engineering his first solo album.  We spent 2 full days in the studio, and tore through quite a few pairs of Elixirs. Danny’s Stonebridge acoustic with some bright, freshly wound strings really brought his material to life.

Over the course of our tracking days, Danny laid down 8 original songs and 1 cover with me.  From relaxing and mellow to lightning fast acoustic shred, his material has something for everyone, yet each song maintains a uniformity and touch that glues it seamlessly to the next, taking us on quite the journey.  Needless to say, there’s a lot of ‘feel’ in this album, as we call it in the music industry. Looking at a release date late this year, I look forward for you to experience the same musical journey I went on as I was lucky enough to record this incredible musician. The Danny Sobers EP… rumoured to be titled ‘Visions’… is on the way!

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