Alex Emrich

Alex Emrich is a sought-after Canadian record producer, audio engineer, musician, songwriter, and composer. Alex has recorded, produced, and mixed/mastered singles and albums for a variety of artists. He is known for his work with country star Julia Haggarty, award-winning rapper Casper Marcus, The Launch season 2 winner Saveria, and more.

A graduate of Fanshawe College’s world-renowned Music Industry Arts program, Alex was nominated for best producer and audio engineer by the College. In 2017, he won the Slaight Communications Artist Development Award for excellence in developing talent and was also awarded the Terry McManus Music Business Award in 2018. He then went on to receive the 2019 Digital Extremes Audio Post Production Award. With this track record, Alex was chosen to play an integral role as an audio engineer/producer during the 2019 London JUNO Awards Host City Tour across Ontario. Alex has spent a significant amount of time assisting the city of London’s Music Office in developing the music scene in Southern Ontario.

In the summer of 2019, Alex released the inspirational single “Get Up” with Julia Haggarty and Casper Marcus, which has since become a nationally recognized pop anthem by over 50 news sources across Canada, and was featured in Country 104’s Top 30 Hits Countdown.

Alex recently co-wrote, recorded, produced and mixed/mastered “Don’t Tell Me It’s Christmas”, by country star Julia Haggarty and folk artist Charlie Weber, which landed at number 2 in country radio downloads in Canada just 3 days after it’s release. He also recorded, produced, and mixed/mastered “Christmas On It’s Way” by The Launch winner Saveria and award-winning rapper Casper Marcus.

In addition to his music production career, Alex also has experience in sound design/audio post production, film composition, and video work.

Alex is excited to soon launch a musical project with his sister, Mikaila Emrich.


Julia Haggarty, Casper Marcus, Alex Emrich – “Get Up” (single) – co-writer, recording engineer, producer, composer, arranger
Saveria, Casper Marcus – “Christmas On It’s Way” (single) – recording engineer, producer, composer, arranger, mixing/mastering engineer
Julia Haggarty, Charlie Weber – “Don’t Tell Me It’s Christmas” (single) – co-writer, producer, recording engineer, composer, arranger, mixing/mastering engineer
Dan Sobers – “Visions” (album) – recording engineer, producer, mixing/mastering engineer
Seaside Alibi – “Milky Way” (single) mixing/mastering engineer
Seaside Alibi – “Daydream” (single) mixing/mastering engineer
Seaside Alibi – “Alone” (single) mixing/mastering engineer

& many more! Including live recordings, private, and corporate audio recordings.